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Develop your knowledge and skills 

GALS against GRAVITY workshop

Open to healtchcare & exercise professionals, and anyone who works with women & girls: discover how the PostureFitting approach improves women's health and wellbeing.

Our successful GALS against GRAVITY workshop provides you with 8 CPD hours of content you are unlikely to have come across in any of your previous education. 


Available live online over 2 half days or over several evenings to best fit in with your life, it is the starting point for those invited onwards to become a PostureFitting Partner.

Workshop objectives:

  • Find out how breasts and bra fitting can influence posture and pain.

  • Explore the extent to which breast weight can be a barrier to participation in physical activity for women and girls. 

  • See the value of using an optimally fitted bra as a postural proprioceptive support. 

  • Appreciate the relevant research.

  • Recognise optimal and poor bra fitting.

  • Be aware of the PostureFitting Physiotherapy service and how it can broaden your practice offer. 



Understand breast anatomy, the effect of breast weight on the musculoskeletal system, and its influence on activity participation. 


Get to know more about bras and how they can provide postural and proprioceptive support. 

Bra Fitting

Discover why so many women are wearing poorly fitting bras, optimal vs poor fit and the benefits of an optimally fitted bra. 


See the daily effects of gravity on our bodies and the ways we can influence this, including a PostureFitting "before and after" demonstration. 

I became more aware of the extent and incidence of the negative effects of breast weight, and in particular how much of a barrier to participation in physical activity breast weight can be. I developed my GALS against GRAVITY workshops to spread the PostureFitting principle.

We're on a mission to share our PostureFitting system with women and physiotherapists, enabling all to achieve amazing results.


Let's do it together!



Enhancing upper
and mid back support,
the PostureFitting

approach uses an

optimally fitted bra
to aid postural


This new and innovative posture-management system assists
women of all ages
and life stages to gain and maintain their optimal posture. 

Develop your knowledge and skills

GALS against GRAVITY workshop dates and other courses

Online workshops include the option of having a bra fitted virtually following attendance at the workshop (included in ticket price), so you can experience what patients have described:


"stronger"           "lighter"          "the lift is great"           "a better shape" 

"with feeling you look better, confidence improves"           "wow!" (I hear that one a lot!) 

More about

Feel, move, look better

An innovative posture management system to assist women of all ages and life stages.

Become a PostureFitting
Physio Partner

Broaden your practice offer

 This preventive physiotherapy system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

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Tailored to you

Experience PostureFitting - see how you can feel, move, look better every day. 

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against GRAVITY

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