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amazing results

For women of all ages and life stages

A pioneering physiotherapy approach to posture management with bra fitting at its core, PostureFitting uplifts the way women, feel, move, look.

The PostureFitting service is offered through a network of trained and licensed Physio Partners. 

This physio-led system is ideal for all women who are experiencing physical or life stage changes, or those looking to improve their mobility or sports performance.


PostureFitting is great for women who wish to enhance their appearance, boost self-confidence or simply find the right bra. It can also help to relieve neck and back problems, as well as promote better posture.


A successful alternative to traditional techniques

Enhancing upper and mid back support, the PostureFitting approach uses an optimally fitted bra to enhance postural improvements, achieving amazing results. 


Providing a successful alternative to the taping technique or postural supports physios might ordinarily use, an optimally fitted bra in optimal posture offers a similarly beneficial effect without the inconvenience.

Fitted by a physiotherapist, each bra in the PostureFitting range has been specifically selected for its postural benefits, and is provided by Panache Lingerie, one of the world's leading bra designers and manufacturers based in the UK.


Experience PostureFitting


Book your PostureFitting consultation with one of our PostureFitting Physios.

Your consultation will include a comprehensive posture and bra review.

Our PostureFitting Physio will discuss your spinal and breast wellbeing, any physical and life stage changes you're experiencing as well as your bra habits and lifestyle routine.

Next, a physical postural and current bra-fit assessment is completed, using the detailed PostureFitting system.

Your PostureFitting Physio will fit you in the bra type that suits you best from the PostureFitting range, enabling you to experience your optimal posture in your optimal bra-fit.

Finally, you will be shown how to positively influence your posture and how to wear your bras to help you feel, move and look better every day.

My PostureFitting experience has definitely improved my posture.


All the tips and exercises and extra support from the bras have helped me to hold myself so much better. The bra really does work as a reminder.

My posture is better, I look better and I feel so much better in myself.


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Feel, move, look better

An innovative posture management system to assist women of all ages and life stages.

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Broaden your practice offer

 This preventive physiotherapy system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

Book your PostureFitting consultation

Tailored to you

Experience PostureFitting - see how you can feel, move, look better every day. 

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