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Look good, feel good!

Don't let your bra ruin your day

PostureFitting every day

If you are experiencing a physical or life stage change, or looking to improve your mobility or sports performance try PostureFitting.


Don't let your bra
ruin your day

Enhance your appearance, boost your self-confidence and find the right bra for you. 


PostureFitting also helps if you're struggling with neck and back problems or, living with poor posture.

Enhancing upper and mid back support, the PostureFitting approach uses an optimally fitted bra to aid postural improvements.

Improve your performance

Feel, move, look better


PostureFitting Wellbeing

Poor posture doesn't just leave our bodies vulnerable to aches, pains and other physical problems; it can result in depression and a lack of self-confidence.  The PostureFitting system is designed to help you naturally retain your posture and assist you to feel, move, look better every day.

PostureFitting Active

Breast weight can prevent some women and girls from being active. PostureFitting can remove these barriers and encourage participation. After all, we know that movement is medicine of the best kind, and is essential for healthy bodies and brains.

PostureFitting Sports Performance

Whatever your sport or ability, every opportunity to refine and improve counts. PostureFitting can deliver results that can make a difference, whether its minimising movement or improved core control.


Feel good at any age


PostureFitting Teens

Like starting a great skincare routine, good postural and bra fitting habits can set your teenager on the right path for life. With PostureFitting, your daughter will be empowered with knowledge about how to select the right bra for her.

PostureFitting Seniors

Women over 60 often develop an increased curvature of the upper back, and sometimes osteoporosis, partly due to the menopause. PostureFitting can help your resilience in the face of gravity and time, enhancing your upper and mid back support assisting you to retain a good posture.

Pregnancy and breast feeding
Life Stage Changes

Physical and life stage changes


PostureFitting Pregnancy & Beyond

The increasing weight of your bump and breasts during pregnancy gives gravity an unfair advantage. With PostureFitting, discover how wearing an optimally fitted bra can help to keep you comfortable and supported throughout pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.

PostureFitting Menopause

With oestrogen levels and bone density in decline, your body can be in change mode long before your periods actually stop, even as early as your mid-thirties. Let PostureFitting help you navigate the menopause with an optimally fitted bra to enhance your posture and enrich your menopause years.

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Feel, move, look better

An innovative posture management system to assist women of all ages and life stages.

Become a PostureFitting
Physio Partner

Broaden your practice offer

 This preventive physiotherapy system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

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Tailored to you

Experience PostureFitting - see how you can feel, move, look better every day. 

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