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PostureFitting supports all women 

Meet our founder, Siobhán O'Donovan

MSc, Dip Orth Med, Chartered Physiotherapist


Siobhán O'Donovan started her professional life as a PE teacher, where she noticed first-hand the poor postural and movement habits of children and teenagers.

This is where her passion for posture and movement started, motivating her to change her career path.


A chartered physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, particularly in sport and exercise injury prevention and management, her focus since has been to help people function and perform better every day. Be that at home, at work, or at play.

Siobhán practises from her clinic, Posture Matters, in Cork, Ireland, and previously co-founded an interdisciplinary, multi-site physiotherapy and sports medicine centre in north west England where she was Clinical Director and Lead Physiotherapist for nearly 15 years.

A former camogie player and international scrum-half, Siobhán is passionate about supporting women to participate in physical activity, which is essential for both physical and brain health.


Providing women with the PostureFitting physiotherapy service, both directly and by training other physios, continues her lifelong desire to improve the lives of others.

I created the PostureFitting system and service through my Cork-based practice, Posture Matters.​

In addition,  I developed and now run the GALS against GRAVITY workshop. This provides 7 CPD hours for physios and is the starting point to becoming a PostureFitting Physio Partner.

Developing the PostureFitting brand and business opportunity is keeping me busy.  I want it to become an internationally recognised women's service.



Passionate about improving women's wellbeing.

For women of all ages and life stages

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Posture management with bra fitting at its core, PostureFitting uplifts the way women, feel, move, look.

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 This preventive physiotherapy system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

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