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Become a PostureFitting Physio Partner

A pioneering physiotherapy approach to posture management with bra fitting at its core, PostureFitting uplifts the way women, feel, move, look.

The PostureFitting service is offered through a network of trained and licensed Physio Partners. 


Enhancing upper and mid back support, the PostureFitting approach uses an optimally fitted bra to aid postural improvements.


This physio-led system is ideal for all women who are experiencing physical or life stage changes, or those looking to improve their mobility or sports performance.


PostureFitting is great for women who wish to enhance their appearance, boost self-confidence or simply find the right bra. 


It can also help to relieve neck and back problems as well as promote better posture.

Broaden your practice offer


Easily integrated into a physiotherapy business, this preventive physiotherapy system allows PostureFitting Physio Partners to broaden their practice offer.

Bring measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals to your practice:​

  • A new added-value physiotherapy service for existing patients.

  • Attract uninjured women, including those experiencing physical and life stage changes.

  • Unprecedented access to the fitness, fashion and health sectors.


Benefits of being a PostureFitting Physio Partner

  • A strong brand that attracts both patients and non-patients, and enhances a clinic's offer.

  • A service that focuses on women's health and wellbeing in the true biopsychosocial sense.

  • The ability to fit and supply optimally fitted bras that meet the vast majority of women's needs.

  • Social media, marketing and brand collateral to help reach women who could benefit from PostureFitting.

  • Training and support in the PostureFitting posture management system.

  • A simple and rewarding revenue stream from existing patients and new patients.


Join our network

Our PostureFitting Physio Partner network is expanding and we're currently recruiting new partners across Ireland and the UK.

If you're an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and passionate about improving women's wellbeing, you can take the first step towards becoming a trained and licensed PostureFitting Physio Partner.

Attendance at a GALS against GRAVITY workshop is your starting point to becoming a PostureFitting Physio Partner.

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Feel, move, look better

An innovative posture management system to assist women of all ages and life stages.

Become a PostureFitting
Physio Partner

Broaden your practice offer

 This preventive physiotherapy system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

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Experience PostureFitting - see how you can feel, move, look better every day. 

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