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Passionate about improving
women's health and wellbeing.


We're on a mission to share our innovative PostureFitting system with women, healthcare professionals & physiotherapists, enabling all to achieve amazing results.

Available for in person and virtual appointments.

Uplift how you feel, move, look

A pioneering physiotherapy approach to posture management with bra fitting at its core.


A preventive
physiotherapy system

This new and innovative PostureFitting system assists women of all ages and life stages to gain and maintain their optimal posture.

Enhancing upper and mid back support, the PostureFitting approach uses an optimally fitted bra to aid postural improvements.

Experience PostureFitting


This physio-led system is ideal for all women

If you are experiencing physical or life stage changes, or looking to improve your mobility or sports performance try PostureFitting.


Enhance your appearance, boost your self-confidence and find the right bra for you.


PostureFitting also helps if you're struggling with neck and back problems or, living with poor posture.

Become a PostureFitting
Physio Partner


Broaden your practice offer

Easily integrated into a physiotherapy business, the PostureFitting system delivers measurable commercial opportunities in terms of both income and referrals.

Take the first step towards becoming a trained and licensed PostureFitting Physio Partner. 

Find out what's happening at PostureFitting.


As well as all the latest news, see the events we will be attending and future dates for the GALS against GRAVITY workshop.

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